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I work Nightshift so I have to adjust and balance my diet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you aren’t working at night. As I do have break time so I can’t stop myself to eat.

so breakfast : try

Oatmeal with Milkimage

I love it when it’s getting sticky/soft :). I am using 3,5 fat milk but use whichever you desire. It should satisfy you for as long as 5 Hours. I wake up around 2 PM. If you feel like eating. take any fruits or a bell pepper.

Even though I am tired a shell as I am not allowed to sit for the whole 8 Hours at work. But still I try to go for 20-30 mins exercise.

around 6 PM or right after you did your workout. Try.image

I work at 9:30 PM but before that I would eat any sweet or anything as long as its not more than what you ate for dinner.

Reminder: Drink only and a lot of water, avoid eating breads.

Try for 1-2 weeks and share your result


& Just wanna share.

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and hungry…

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oh btw – when you start putting the cheese turn to lower heat.


ain’t bored… t’was just…

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let’s say a coincidence . A year ago

similar with this image happened in Japan and high flood in southern Mindanao Philippines.

Last Month

a friend of mine – the same with this image happened somewhere in Europe.

Last Week

I was so amazed that I could see and feel that I could see the Moon – Sun – Night and Day in a minute – I was like “wow”…. – suddenly I feel scared as it feels like it’s getting faster and faster – and (you know how it feels when the elevator is going down?”) It feels like that – so and then I started

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
” 3x and I was so Thankful that

a Dream.

the first image I dreamed a couple of time before it happened

while the second image I dreamed the night before it happened.







(those were just a dream that I wanna share. and I give credit to the Images owner – feel free to message me if you want them to be remove.)



.. and Can’t sleep.

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3 o’clock in the morning and my eyes are still open and wide while my brain is still very active..Possible when you spend your night as day and your day as night.

been along time since my last post – Finally have my first and serious Job.. wohuuu. ” first and serious” as this is the first time I work where I get the “real” salary every month and I need to work hard – For my Job it’s very tiring – interesting and exciting

Tiring because – well it’s not really tiring it is just that I wasn’t use to spend my night as day (working in 24hours fast-food chain) “bad luck” for me as I always just have night shift *sigh*

Interesting because – I’m working as a cashier – serving different people , that means different attitude ( kind,patient and asshole persons) and scent (where some I love to entertain face to face to have their orders and some where I could almost vomit.. :D)

and exciting as this is my first job and hopefully everything will stay as what it is now.

such a job – ” if you are nice to me – I will be nice to you”


..and was bored. Passion Fruit Cake

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Recipe will follow.


Just bored..

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Someone inspired me to write this article..


way back in my childhood  – our relatives would tell us that we’re “NPA” (No Permanent Address” – as we are moving to different places due to my father’s business. As a result I met a lot and different people and friends.

Eventually the friends of my older sister they’d become my friends as well.

at the age of 12 – I started going to the “Disco” with them – every fiesta.

until the last place where we moved – I met my close friends who I still have

contact with until now. My Parents wouldn’t stop whining bout why I can’t stay

home at weekend and I’d simply reply in my mind “I am adult and it is “weekend”.

back to my situation right now – Some people can’t or don’t want to understand

that people “change” – as for me – I would say – I had enough – I enjoyed my single

life. I been an Online game freak  – and now an Online world wide teleserie freak :).

meeting new friends is really O.K. – but I don’t have to meet people just to be friends with them. I rather have few friends than having a lot of “friends”.

“speech is silver, silence is gold”

Happy weekend Everyone!



Just another cake result when I was bored.

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but t’was good! – not just kids but every cake lover will surely love it.

recipe will follow.


Cheesecake/Käsekuchen ohne Boden

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Bored n mood -so I  bake…. and cheesecake is one of our favorite and I Baked it alot of times – and will still in the future -It is not sweet – It is just perfect…

1/4 Butter

250g Zucker                                    }    Shaumig rühren

5 Eigelb

1 Packung Vanillezucker


2 Esslöffel Mondamin

1 Packung Vanillpudding                  } Mischen nach u. nach zugeben

1/2 Packung Backpulver

2 Esslöffel Griess


1 Kg. (Quark Magerstufe)

5 Eiweß, Steif schlagen und unterheben


1 and half – 2 Stunde

bei 180° backen

I suggest to cover it with Aluminum foil – and try to turn 180° the baking pan at half baking time- to prevent burning




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Für den Hefeteig:

200g     Weizenmehl

2T       Trokenhefe

50g     Zucker

1Pck.   Vanillin-Zucker

50g     zerlassene, abgeühlte

Butter oder Ma

10 EL (120 ml)  warme Milch


Für den Belag:

je 250g helle und dunkle



Für den Guss:


100ml    Schlagsahne

1 Eigelb (Größe M)

1 Pck. Saucenpulver Vanille-

Geschmack (ohne Kochen)

1EL   Zucker


Heißluft: etwa 180°C (vorgeheizt)

Ober-/Unterhitze: etwa 200 °C (vorgeheizt)

Backzeit: etwa 30 Minuten.

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