… Creating my own German State.

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Filled with their very own made / originally /produced or you simply can have them from that state..



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_of_Germany – for those who are interested.

16 Images for 16 State – And those are from south to north :

BMW –  Bavaria

Schwarzwälder kirschtorte / Black ForestBaden -Württemberg

“Lyoner” SausageSaarland

Pinot noirRhineland-Palatinate

Frankfurt am MainHesse

Martin LutherThuringia

Bastei BridgeSaxony

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau Saxony -Anhalt

Spreewälder GurkenBrandenburg

Brandenburg GateBerlin

Cuxhaven Lower Saxony

Kölsch (Beer) North Rhine-Westphalia

Bremer KlutenBremen

Tierpark HagenbeckHamburg

Lübeck MarzipanSchleswig-Holstein

Jasmund National ParkMecklenburg-Vorpommern


…Why not having my own assortment

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As I visit different places – there are parts I really enjoyed , bewildered and so I would want to have at least one memento.

but when it’s time to choose I always have trouble searching – It might because I belong to “stingy person” ( just being stingy

depends on things and situation though.. ) – there are things if I really want it no matter how much worth it – I would try

to buy or get it. Back to my memento searching – instead of just having a display for my living room I started to collect a token

and it is more affordable – meaningful and a must have I would say…

Started collecting them last year – Hopefully , will have more…


… Right now – Comparing German with Philippine food

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People who’s gonna be against  my wall of text – please before going to berserk- what you gonna read –

lemme tell you- this are just my personal opinion -taste – and experienced.

Of course everyone has their own taste of food – but based on my experience or food I ate

I’m not gonna say I already ate every single menu both side..

I’m not gonna say I am the best cook but I would say I love and cook a lot

money makes immense difference I must say.. especially in Philippines – Just an example –

Poor ,really poor family could only eat once a day sometimes even nothing – and that kind of food

its either just a plain rice (there are different kind of rice as we know – so it’s either corn or the cheapest rice)

with salt/sugar/cheapest fish/soup with vegetable and meat rarely..

– for the average family is a bit better as they could eat 3 times a day – can even have their “snacks”

as I am belong to that family at least I must say so ( as my family are not chinese nor a politician *joke* 😀 )

my mom or elder sisters was the cook – having rice (a middle price once) 3 times a day with fish ( a fresh one mostly the good one and rarely the best one)/meat (chicken/pork and beef rarely) cooking them as fried /grill (with only salt on it) or with vegetables

recalling them now my compliment would be a “not healthy one” I mean c’mon they could had use more spices and creating your own

menu and cooking it with passion – I dunno why but I noticed them – they are cooking in a hurry… so the result mostly its either uncooked or burned.

– as for the rich family I cannot say a thing as I was never in a rich family back there then.. you may belong to the rich family so feel free to comment :)

I heard rich people don’t eat 3 times heavy meal a day ? :)


Living here in Germany for almost decade I learned to cook well I have to. – as I never or I could only count how many times I cooked

in Philippines back then- as trying to cook  a lot of times cooking different menu I failed a lot. but slowly I learned to cook with passion.

we prefer to eat the food while it’s still hot/freshly cooked (I remember my lola wouldnt allow us to eat if the food are still hot haha).

Rich and average family can afford the food whichever they like.

we don’t eat heavy meals in the morning instead – we eat Brötchen/Bauernbrot with marmalade/cheese and ham

lunch or dinner would be our heavy meal – different types of pasta noodles and menu (no we don’t eat noodles with rice :) )

different potato menu and sometimes rice – with different kind of meat/fish -cook them as fried (must have a sauce then)/ different menu

with vegetables/in oven/grill (yes we have alot of different spices/herbs).

The situation might not just be in the Philippines or Germany – I know. Those are just my personal experienced where I been.



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Recipe will follow..


..A wannabe cool movie cover.

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as a newbie into photoshop ; I was checking some tutorial and found a intriguing one

so I told to myself why can’t I try that one…

P.s :a few images are found and uploaded from internet so feel free to buzz me if you own that image/s.


Exploring my Imagination – while I was bored.

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“List and Check all you can Gadget”

a momment where I wanted to relax but instead Imagining and wishing to have my very own gadget – where I can go shopping without checking my kitchen what I am missing. I got that idea from the “addon” what I used for my “world of warcraft {yes I was nerd back then}” called “ArkInventory” – Make it short and easy for you to understand lemme give you an sample : you are going for a shopping with that “gadget” – you are holding an item (a shampoo – weird example :}) with the help of that gadget – you will know if you still have or how many you still have at home… Isn’t it cool? well,it is for me – as my memory brain is not that best =}..


A weird result – while I was bored then.

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clicked – clicked – clicked – amazed then wanted to try that “Photoshop thing” – one night before going to bed
I was thinking  to create something cool for my first photoshop. so thats the result a wannabe comics effect….


P.s :a few images are found and uploaded from internet so feel free to buzz me if you own that image/s.

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